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Overlord's Birthday Sale

The minions of Tabletop Adventures are pleased to announce that it is once again their favorite time of year – the Overlord’s Birthday. In keeping with the spirit of giving required of them at this season, the minions would like to invite all and sundry to a sale to be held in his honor. A discount of 20% will be granted on each electronic product during this sale. All of our sales sites are involved in the minions’ tribute to their beloved Overlord. (They know the Overlord is beloved – he tells them so!)

Not only do the minions celebrate the Birthday of the Overlord at this time, but also that of his Esteemed Consort. In her honor, the sale will continue through her natal day, November 30th.

Included in this sale are the “Bits of…” line of descriptive products, the various Deck O’ Names products, the Destinations science-fiction line, the modern Vatican horror RPG Against the Darkness, the modern descriptions of Halls of Horror, and more.

Do not fail to take advantage of this opportunity! Slackers are likely to find themselves in the oubliette, which is not a nice place to spend the winter. You can purchase Tabletop Adventures’ electronic products at Your Games Now, paizo.com, e23, the ENWorld Download Shop, DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. Augment your imagination with products from Tabletop Adventures.

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